Details about Neurologists & Their Job Role

Neurologists in Dubai are the medical professionals who specialize in the study of the brain and its functions. They are involved in diagnosing and treating neurological disorders, especially those affecting the neurology of the spine and other critical structures. Neurology involves the study of the brain and its functions.

Neurology is also involved in the study of the disorders and diseases of the nervous system, particularly those involving the brain and spinal cord. These include the:

  • disorders and diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • pediatrics and geriatrics
  • neurological surgery and fertility
  • children’s health and endocrinology

Q: What Methods are Opted by a Neurologist? Neurologists make use of a variety of methods to diagnose and determine the disease or condition they are treating and offer the best maternity packages in Dubai. The main technique used is clinical neuroanatomy. This technique involves the:

  • identification
  • measurement
  • interpretation of the clinical details of an individual patient’s neurological activity.

This method is actually quite similar to that of an x-ray technician who takes pictures of what is beneath the skin using specialized tools (iontophoresis, which uses radio frequency energy to stimulate neural pathways in the body, and optical imaging, which utilizes electric beams to create pictures of affected tissues or muscles). These technologists are often referred to as neurologists.

Q: What are Daily Tasks of a Neurology Doctor? Neurologists performs a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic tasks, ranging from basic assessment of a patient’s medical history to the detailed study and treatment of patients with neurological disorders. These doctors are required to have a thorough understanding of patient diseases, such as neurology, before they can begin treating patients.

Q: Why Neuro Doctors Use TMS? One of the most popular techniques used by neurologists to diagnose and treat patients with neurological disorders is the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). TMS is when electric currents are applied to specific areas of a patient’s body. Because the applied electric current is in the form of direct current, there is a low risk of causing permanent damage to the muscles or nerves of a patient. Electrosurgery, which involves the use of extremely strong electric shocks to certain parts of the body, is another commonly used treatment method by neurologists.

Q: What is the Specialty of a Neuro Doctor? A neurosurgeon is an expert of the human nervous system who performs surgery to treat neurological diseases. A neurosurgeon can specialize in one particular field such as ophthalmology, cardiology, neurology, or pediatric neurology. In addition, some neurosurgeons can perform surgery to treat diseases of the spine or neurological cord as well. A neurologist treats diseases of the brain and nervous system through diagnostic procedures and surgical techniques.

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